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1. Films made in any video or film format can be registered; no matter the nationality of the director, the place or the country of filming.

Films must be submitted with subtitles in English or Spanish.

2. Short films will be shown with a maximum duration of 30 minutes. While for feature films the duration will be between 31 to 200 minutes.

3. Place and date of the festival

The sixth edition of the Panama Canal International Film Festival will be held in Ciudad de Panama from August 13 to 16, 2024.


4. Competitive sections       

International Fiction Short Film

International Experimental Short Film

International Animation Short Film

International Documentary Short Film

International Student Short Film         

International Fiction Feature Film        

International Documentary Feature Film

International Student Feature Film


5. Official selection                 

 The organization of the festival will select the films that will make up the program for the eighth edition of the festival. This decision of the selection committee will be unappealable.

6. Submission conditions. The Submissions to be part of the official selection, may be made from November 03, 2021 to August 03, 2024.

7. All Submissions have the same process regardless of the enrollment stage chosen. The late Submissions are processed and viewed in exactly the same way as the early and intermediate ones, the only difference is the fee.

8. Deadlines and admission fee:

First registration: before November 29, Short films 10 dollars

Feature films 12 dollars.


Early registration: before December 19, Short films 10 dollars

Feature films 12 dollars.


Intermediate registration: before January 18, Short films 11 dollars

Feature films 13 dollars.


Normal registration: before February 18, Short films 12 dollars

Feature films 14 dollars.        


Late registration: before March 18, Short films 12 dollars

Feature films 14 dollars.


Extended registration: before April 15, Short films 13 dollars

Feature films 15 dollars.


Second extension registration: May 12, Short films 14 dollars

Feature films 16 dollars.


Third extension registration: June 12, Short films 15 dollars

Feature films 19 dollars.


Fourth extension registration: July 09, Short films 16 dollars

Feature films 19 dollars.

Final registration: before August 03, Short films 16 dollars

Feature films 19 dollars.


The submissions made in Film Freeway Gold will have a percentage of discount.

8. The publication of the results of the films that will make up the official selection Canal de Panama International Film Festival 2024, will take place on August 07, 2024, through social networks and the official page of the festival. (


9. Participants can register an unlimited number of works. Films may not be withdrawn from the competition under any circumstances, once the participation has been accepted.


10. The SUBMISSION modality for Canal de Panama International Film Festival will be done online through the associated platforms.


11. Upon completing the registration of the films, the persons who own the rights undertake to accept these regulations.


12. The competitive sections will be awarded by a jury chosen by the festival committee, which will be made up of renowned personalities and film professionals, as well as from different artistic disciplines.


13. The owner of the film (director / producer) accepts the exhibition of the film during the dates of the festival.


14. Prizes by categories

Best International Fiction Short Film

Best International Experimental Short Film

Best International Animation Short Film

Best International Documentary Short Film

Best International Student Short Film

Best International Fiction Feature Film

Best Documentary International Feature Film

Best International Student Feature Film.

Special mentions

The jury will be free to grant the mentions that it considers pertinent.


15. All those selected will be given a certificate of participation in Canal de Panama International Film Festival.


16. All participants fully accept these rules, as well as the resolutions adopted by the Canal de Panama International Film Festival committee in any situation not foreseen in this call.


17. Doubts, concerns and comments regarding this call, contact the mail:

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